Build Strong Customer Relationships with Improved Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction and trust with Futurism Dimensions + CRM integration.

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A happy and satisfied customer can add value to your eCommerce business. Futurism Dimensions + CRM integration offers you a comprehensive overview of customer data and allows you to approach the same in a highly personalized way. Here is how you would benefit from it.


Unified Customer Information

Access all customer-related information including their name, address, phone number, and purchase history at one place to create hyper personalized experiences.


Delivery/Shipment Synchronization

Gain an insight on shipment and delivery status needed to help customers in cases of delayed deliveries or in cases where some clarity regarding delivery may be expected.


Order History

Access complete order history along with pricing and order information at one place as this may help in order cancellation, modification, and other additional requests.


Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Use a combination of customer browsing history and Google Analytics to figure out the reason for abandoned cart and persuade a customer to complete the process.


Sales Information

Visualize the real-time sales information shared by sales representatives and use it for sales forecasting as well as to check what products you need to focus on and what budget must be allocated.




How You Are Going to Benefit from CRM + eCommerce Integration