Dimensions Case Studies

Case Studies


With Dimensions’s Marketing Features, the customer’s sites can easily attract long tail organic search traffic, from highly competitive keywords, making it easier for potential buyers to find them. Since the site launch, Yamaha has seen an 85% increase in site traffic and average user sessions. with our marketing automated features, Admin users are able to curate cutting edge campaigns, target their relevant audience, and able to see increase in bookings across their categories.



A leading southeast Asian electronic and consumer appliances conglomerate saw an opportunity to take advantage of the Dimensions Commerce and add On Apps with Dimensions offering multilingual, multi-country, cloud instance moving their sites to the cloud, the company is now better positioned to build entirely new websites, with new capabilities in fraction of time. The Chinese e-tailer saw strong, uplift in sales since the launch of their B2B marketplace on Dimensions.

Fashion Apparels

A leading sunglass manufacturing company in Norway has developed a strong identity on the street and is rapidly expanding its brand into apparel, and across European markets. They needed a brand-new site that would support an interactive and rich media brand experience. client was able to easily integrate Dimensions with the range of back-end systems that they already utilised such as SAP ERP for their product and stock management and Marketing Cloud for CRM activities, including cart abandonment, marketing campaigns and special offers. within Just six months after launching On Dimensions, the company reported an 20 % increase YoY in sales during black Fridays and new years. fash_img



As a leading online travel retailer in US, the client’s primary source of revenue was its website. However, its customers were using the offline channel to post queries through phone calls, fax and white mails. The client needed expertise to devise a roadmap for the gaps in the current business processes. Dimensions Team of experts Conducted a thorough customer segmentation and analysis based on the cross-sell and up-sell product and services data, customer profitability, and customer life time value. The Dimensions Analytics, CRM and Commerce Suite enabled the client to improve its business performance with an increase in offline revenues by 16 percent & enhancement of sales conversion rate to 21 percent.